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Real Tone. Real Power. Real Small.

The Bud is simply the best acoustic guitar amp you can buy; it sounds better, it’s louder, it’s smaller, has every feature you could need as a gigging artist, and unlike other acoustic guitar amps on the market it is TRULY professionally gigable, we guarantee it.

Premier Guitar Magazine; Review Demo – Henriksen Amplifiers Bud

Live from The Factory Stage; Sean and Andrea McGowan performing “Sometimes It Snows in April” by Prince. Both vocals and guitar are straight through a single Bud Amplifier. No processing or effects. Recorded live with a Zoom H2.

The Bud acoustic guitar amp is the without question the best sounding, smallest, most powerful acoustic amp on the market. The Bud amp from Henriksen will change the way you gig; it will amplify your acoustic guitar while maintaining the guitar’s natural tone, as well as amplifying your vocals at TRULY-GIGABLE volumes through two completely separate channels with a single trip from the car. Now you can replace your acoustic guitar amp and your PA system with one 9x9x9 inch, 17lb box AND improve your acoustic guitar tone.

The Bud is designed with all the versatility needed for the gigging guitarist; whether you are an acoustic guitar soloist, an acoustic guitar playing singer-songwriter, a guitarist in a combo needing one amp to amplify both acoustic and electric guitar, or a multi-instrumentalist needing an amp for acoustic guitar, violin, banjo, electric guitar, or basically anything with strings.

Live from the Factory Stage, Sean and Andrea McGown performing Irving Berlin’s, Blue Skies (with a little treat at the end). Guitar and vocals are both through the same Bud amplifier.

Sound Pure Studios demonstrating acoustic guitar and vocals through The Henriksen Bud Combo Guitar Amp.

The Bud guitar amp has two separate channels, each with individual 5-band EQ for dialing in your acoustic instrument, electric instrument or voice, and each channel even has its own independent reverb. Each channel also has an FX loop so if you play any delay or chorus effects with your acoustic guitar amp or voice, you can integrate those into your sound with The Bud easily and smoothly. The Bud also has an external speaker output, headphone jack and studio grade line out for sending your signal to a house PA system or recording device.