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Here at Henriksen Amplifiers we love guitars. Especially hand built, high end guitars from luthiers who are true craftsman with a passion for their art. We also have a love of good beer. Good craft brewed beer. Beer you can’t find everywhere but is more that worth the trip if you can make it. Luckily living in Colorado gives us a deep well to draw from for both Luthiers and Brewmasters. Most of these you all might not have heard of but that we highly respect and enjoy!

To highlight these two loves of ours we created Guitars and Growlers. This is our attempt at an informative and fun interview/demonstration/Wayne’s World type of program. We hope you like what we’ve put together and look forward to the next installment as much as we have.

A HUGE thanks to Dick and Kristina from Dickie (www.dickiemusic.com) for the intro/theme song.